Cataract Facts for People Concerned
About Cataracts

Reviewed by:

Jason Jacobs, MD

If you have been told that you have a Cataract or are concerned about Cataracts the best way to overcome you’re your concern is through education. By becoming familiar with what a Cataract is, what a Cataract isn't, how Cataracts can impact your vision, how Cataracts are treated and the best ways to prevent them from affecting your lifestyle and day to day activities you can position yourself become an informed patient and work in concert with a Cataract Surgeon to achieve your vision correction and lifestyle goals. This is best accomplished through the use of a number of educational vehicles. Take advantage of resources such as as well as information provided by the National Eye Institute or the National Library of Medicine.

A Cataract is:

  • A clouding of the Crystalline Lens of your eye.
  • A common eye problem that affects millions of people just like you.
  • A potential cause of decreased vision as we age.
  • A treatable eye problem with excellent results for the vast majority of people.

A Cataract is NOT:

  • A film over the eye.
  • A condition that spreads from one to the other, or from person to person.
  • A cause by itself or permanent vision loss.

Since it is estimated that by age 80 more than half of the U.S. population either has a Cataract or has had Cataract Surgery, take the time to investigate and learn more about this common eye problem. It is time well spent.

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