Aspheric Lens Implants for
Vision Correction After Cataract Surgery

Reviewed by:

Jason Jacobs, MD & Paul Koch, MD

An Aspheric Lens Implant is a type of Lens Implant that is specifically designed to reduce the visual disturbances caused by the optical aberrations found in ordinary Lens Implants. This reduces the tendency to see "glare" that you might experience with basic Lens Implants and thus can offer improved sharpness and contrast, helping patients achieve the clearest possible vision in certain lighting conditions.

Aspheric Lens Implants only correct distance or far vision, such as that required for driving. Aspheric Lens Implants do not usually correct intermediate or "arms length" vision, such as that required for viewing computer screens, and do not correct near vision as required for reading. Patients who wish to have the best quality of distance vision, especially in dim or dusky conditions, may wish to consider an Aspheric Lens Implant, but need to remember that it will still be necessary to wear reading glasses or bifocals to correct their intermediate and near vision. Aspheric Lens Implants usually cost slightly more than a basic lens implant and it is possible that your insurance will not completely cover the cost of the Aspheric Lens Implant. If you are particularly demanding and want the best possible distance vision after your Cataract Surgery, you will be able to discuss this option with your doctor and the staff during your Cataract Consultation. The doctors and staff will take the time necessary to explain all of the possible benefits and limitations of Aspheric Lens Implants and the Lens Counselor will be able to explain any additional costs and arrange payment if necessary.

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